Rebo Brake Motors are externally ventilated; the brake is operated if the power fails.
Three series are available: BE series, supplied with off-the-shelf three-phase brake.
The Brake Group, thanks to its particular stout structure, allows a powerful,
rapid and constant braking, frequent cycles and high working load.
BL series motors are equipped with a DC brake and allow a very silent,
soft and gradual braking. 
LS series brake motors are equipped with DC brake and high starting torque.
All the elements of the brake are wholly produced by Rebo.
The simplicity of the particulars and the precision of the mechanical
working and assemblies guarantee high reliability.
In addition, Rebo produces RE – REVERTER series motors,
suitable to be supplied by INVERTERS.
R and RM series include asynchronous singlephase and three-phase motors.
Screened-pole and special motors as per drawings.

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