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Company History
In 1978, after a wide experience of more than twenty years in the manufacture and sale of Electric Brake Motors and Special Electric Motors, thanks to advantageous circumstances, we set up a company to produce electric motors.
The company developed and specialised, invested and grew up until 1995 when, after some disagreements within the structure of the company, it was decided to sell the business, divide it into two branches. “REBO S.r.l.” was born and kept on the manufacture of Special Electric Motors
and Electric Brake Motors with vitality, new spurs and important investments. REBO S.r.l. lived a time of full development, with good quality of the products and new production processes with ISO 9002 certification, with a new trust in customers and a constant increase of the turnover.
In 2001 Rebo S.r.l. changed into REBO S.p.A, with a considerable increase of the capital, thus preparing for a new growth.